Breeding Rule Amendments - Important Notice

17 August 2020

In keeping with the Industry Notice previously published on 16 June 2020 regarding Breeding Rule amendments, the Members of Harness Racing Australia (HRA) have now approved the following amendments to the Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR’s):

New Dictionary definition:

“Breeding Season” means the period commencing 1 September in a calendar year and ending 31 August in the following calendar year.

Part 18 – Studs, Sires and Stud Book
Amended Rules:

275.   (6)   (a)   Subject to paragraph (b), in a breeding season the total number of mares bred in accordance with Parts 18 and 19 of these Rules to a sire registered in Australia including free returns from a previous breeding season shall not exceed 150.

(b)   In the breeding season commencing 1 September 2020 and ending 31 August 2021 the total number of mares bred to a stallion registered in Australia may exceed 150 to a maximum of 170 provided that:

        (i)     each additional foal is the progeny of a free return to that sire; and,

        (ii)    the free return must be to the same mare and that sire; and,

        (iii)   the studmaster has made written application to HRA to use the free return and the application has been approved.

(7)   A horse that is foaled in contravention of sub-rule (6) shall not be eligible for registration.

(8)   The Controlling Body may from time to time change the information required to be recorded under this rule, the way in which it is recorded and the manner, form and time in which information is to be supplied, materials or documents lodged or issued, or application made to the Controlling Body or other person.

(9)   A person who fails to comply with any provision of this rule is guilty of an offence.

Part 19 – Transported Semen
New Rules:

285A.   (1)   (a)   Semen from an Australian registered sire which has died or disappeared or been gelded shall, subject to sub-paragraph (b) only be used in the breeding season in which the sire has died or disappeared or been gelded or the next breeding season.

(b)   If a broodmare has been inseminated by the sire which has died or disappeared or been gelded and that insemination did not produce a live foal then the progeny of a subsequent insemination of the same broodmare by the same sire shall be eligible for registration in the second breeding season following the death or disappearance or gelding of the sire. 

(2)  The provisions of sub-rule (1) do not apply to a registered standardbred which has prior to 1 September, 2020 died, disappeared or been gelded.  

These Rule amendments take effect from 1 September 2020.

It should be noted that from 1 September 2021, the concession created by AHRR 275(6)(b) will no longer be relevant and Stallion Limits will return to strictly 150 mares including free returns in any given season.

For further information, please contact Andrew Kelly, Chief Executive, on +61 3 9227 3004 or