QLD - Race Colours Reminder

01 August 2020

Reminder to all trainers and drivers as per previous communication race colours have now returned to owners and trainers colours in Queensland.

Drivers colours can be used in the case of multiple stable runners if no other trainers or owners sets of colours are available.

Trainers are required to enter their preferred set of colours for each runner in advance on HarnessWeb or by contacting Racing Queensland (RQ) prior to driver declaration time.

Should trainers not allocate a preferred set of colours prior to driver declaration time RQ Officials will apply colours at their discretion and no responsibility will be taken by RQ if the set of colours allocated does not suit the trainers requirements.

In all cases the advertised race colours must be used and should the advertised set of race colours not be available on race night club colours are to be used.

A fee may be applied for the use of club colours or if advertised race colours are not available or worn.