Industry Notice – Email/Mail Out Requesting Retired and Deceased Information

01 July 2020

Harness Racing Australia wishes to advise all participants that it will shortly be conducting a mail/email out requesting updated information on horses considered ‘inactive’.

In this case the definition of ‘inactive’ comprises of horses aged 4 years and older which have not raced or bred in the past 2 years.

If you are listed as the Managing Owner of a horse that falls within this category you will receive an email (or postal letter if your email address is not on file) requesting that you review the horses listed in your care.

The process for notifying of retired or deceased horses can be completed online in HarnessWeb or via a downloadable paper form, links to both will be included in the correspondence from HRA.

The notification of any movements of horses including retirement and death is covered under the AHRR and penalties can be applied for not providing information or for providing incomplete or fraudulent information.

This mail out forms part of a larger strategy that HRA is implementing to expand equine traceability throughout the industry and to safeguard its greatest assets - the horses.

Any questions regarding this process can be directed to Kathleen Mullan at