HRA On-Line Breeding Reports - New Information Available

22 January 2020

Harness Racing Australia (HRA) is committed to providing the harness racing industry with accurate and up to date national statistics with respect to breeding.  As part of that service, HRA’s On-Line Breeding Reports (in PDF format) have been updated to include additional information relating to Sires Fertility, Mares Served and Sires Percentage statistics.

What’s new

Sires Fertility - by Sire & Services

  • The gait of sires are now reflected alongside the sire; and
  • The positive service results for sires now includes the Mare Died/Foal Unborn statistical element in addition to the already available Live Foal numbers, Mare Slipped and Foal Died. 

New - Mares Served Report

  • This is a New Report for 2020 and includes the name of mare, her foal date, and the sire(s) she was served by in each season.

Sires Percentage Stats
This report has been enhanced  to now include:

  • Summary Report AND Gender report for each Sire;
  • Winners to Foals, Winners to Starters, Starters to Foals; and
  • For 2YO, 3YO AND 4YO.

Plus, the other reports already available:

Sires Alphabetical
Summary by Sire for progeny racing in a season – for All, 2YOs and 3YOs

Broodmare Sires Alphabetical
Summary by Broodmare Sire for grand progeny racing in a season – for All, 2YOs and 3YOs

Season Winners
All winners by Sire for a season

2:00 Report by Season
All 2:00 performance for a season

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Andrew Kelly
Keeper of the Stud Book