Australian - Swedish Young Drivers Exchange Winners Announced

19 December 2019

Harness Racing Australia, along with partners Travronden and Aldebaran Park are delighted to announce the inaugural winners of the Australian – Swedish Young Drivers Exchange.

New South Welshman Cameron Hart will be the inaugural Australian representative in the famed Guldklockan series, which has been renamed the Aldebaran Park presents Travronden’s Gold Watch in December 2020 after finishing as the leading Australian driver in the recent Australasian Young Drivers Championship in New Zealand.

Twenty year old Hart, a winner of 257 races in his career, drove three winners in the AYDC and is delighted to represent his country in Stockholm, Sweden.

Swedish driver Anders Eriksson (29), will represent Sweden in the 2020 AYDC in Sydney after winning the Guldklockan final at Sovalla overnight. Eriksson, who works for legendary Swedish trainer Svante Bath has won 33 races for the season for earnings of more than $600,000AUD.

Speaking with Travronden’s Dennis Engelbo, Eriksson was thrilled to win the Gold Watch, ‘‘It was really positive winning the Gold Watch. It feels honorable to be able to represent Sweden in Australia next year.”

The three year Australian – Swedish Young Driver Exchange partnership between HRA, Travronden and Aldebaran Park is aimed to develop and young harness racing talent between the two countries and continue to strengthen Harness Racing Australia's vision of increased association with international partners.

For any further enquires, contact Travronden's Project Manager Dennis Engelbo on +46 72 076 88 46 or Andrew Kelly, Chief Executive of Harness Racing Australia on +61 488 358 285.