QLD - Band Racing Guidelines

22 November 2019

The Queensland Band system is a local method of Handicapping races held at Metropolitan meetings and selected races at provincial meetings.

Originally introduced to replicate Metropolitan (M-class) racing, the Band system provides a level of local handicapping for the Queensland Metropolitan races which fell under the $15,000 national threshold of a Metropolitan Penalty race as defined under the Australian Handicapping Rules.

Following the implementation of the National Ratings Based Handicapping System from July 1 2019 Queensland have maintained the Band system for local Metropolitan races.

Under National Rating (NR) Handicapping the local Band system assists in identifying horses with 0 Metropolitan wins, 1 Metropolitan win etc.

A Band Penalty will apply to winners of races worth $12,000 or more. (some exclusions may apply)

The Band classes are as follows:

  • No Band (Horses that have not won a Band Penalty race)
  • Band 5 (Winners of one Band Penalty race)
  • Band 4 (Winners of two Band Penalty races)
  • Band 3 (Winners of three Band Penalty races)
  • Band 2 (Winners of four Band Penalty races)
  • Band 1 (Winners of five or more Band Penalty races)

No drop backs apply.

Races valued $12,000 or more that are excluded from Band Penalty include:

  • All races for 2YO’s only
  • All races for 3YO’s only
  • Races won by a 3YO which are scheduled as a 3YO & older or 3YO+ race
  • Races restricted to horses with a NR no higher than 75 that are advertised as a Rating Penalty only race

Band assessment of interstate or overseas horses:

  • A Band Penalty will apply for each win of a race valued at $15,000 or more.
  • Excludes 2YO or 3YO age races or any race won by a 3YO that is classified as a 3YO or older race.
  • Races worth $15,000 or more that are regularly programmed at a Metropolitan meeting with a National Rating restriction will attract a Band Penalty.
  • Some lower grade feature races restricted to horses with a NR no higher than 75 may be excluded and not attract a Band Penalty. Such races will be identified by Handicappers upon the horse being first nominated in Queensland.
  • Trainers or owners are welcome to call the Racing Queensland Racing office to clarify a horses Queensland Band assessment.