SA Stewards Inquiry - K Rogers

18 September 2019 | the offices of the Chairman of Stewards

18th September 2019

Inquiry – Mr Ken Rogers

Harness Racing South Australia Stewards on Monday 16th of September 2019 conducted an inquiry into an alleged incident in the stable enclosure at Globe Derby Park involving licensed driver Mr Ken Rogers.

At the inquiry Mr Rogers was found guilty of a breach of Australian Harness Racing Rule 231(2) which states:

“A person shall not misconduct himself in any way.”

The particulars being that Mr Rogers conducted himself inappropriately by using offensive language and employing aggressive behaviours when engaged in conversation with another licence holder.

After considering submissions on penalty and after having regard to the following relevant factors:

  • Evidence provided by race day officials.
  • Mr Rogers admission of the breach.
  • The need for general and specific deterrence.
  • Mr Rogers personal circumstances.


Stewards believed the appropriate sanction was a $500.00 fine ($250.00 suspended for 12 months).

Additionally, the Stewards have opened an investigation into a second incident involving Mr Rogers which is alleged to have occurred later on Monday afternoon. This investigation is ongoing.

The Stewards firmly remind all participants of the absolute requirement to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. The Stewards will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour or language at a race meeting, or at any time when harness racing activities are being conducted.

Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in significant penalties being imposed.

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