HRNSW - Jeremy Lamb Inquiry

29 July 2019

HARNESS Racing New South Wales Stewards conducted an inquiry on Friday 26 July 2019 into licensed driver-trainer, Mr Jeremy Lamb, recording an alcohol concentration in excess of 0.02% on a breath analyser at the time he presented to train and drive at the Parkes harness meeting on Sunday 21 July 2019.

Mr Lamb pleaded guilty to a charge pursuant to Australian Harness Racing Rule (AHRR) 250(1)(a) as follows:

AHHR 250. (1) A driver commits an offence if:-                                                       

(a) A sample taken from him is found upon analysis to contain a substance banned by Rule 251,

AHHR 251. The following substances and/or their metabolites, artifacts, and isomers are declared as banned substances in drivers when present in a urine sample (unless otherwise stated) at a concentration above the applicable cut-off level:-

(c) All diuretics (0μg/L): Probenecid: (0μg/L): Alcohol (at a concentration in excess of 0.02% on a breath analyser):

Mr Lamb’s driver and trainer’s licences were wholly suspended for a period of 10 weeks to commence from 21 July 2019, the date upon which he was stood down. Mr Lamb was also provided with an opportunity to have the suspension reduced to 8 weeks if he completes sessions with an alcohol counsellor approved by HRNSW.

Mr Lamb was informed that an application would be considered by HRNSW Stewards for him to return to trackwork two weeks prior to the end of the relevant suspension period.

In considering penalty Stewards were mindful of the following:

  • Mr Lamb’s 1st offence for such matter;

  • Seriousness of the offence;

  • The concentration of alcohol recorded being 0.048%;

  • Mr Lamb’s guilty plea, licence history, personal and financial subjective facts.

Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) is the controlling body for harness racing in New South Wales with responsibility for commercial and regulatory management of the industry including 33 racing clubs across the State.  HRNSW is headed by a Board of Directors and is independent of Government.



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