Team Teal on Target to Break Record

05 March 2019 | Paul Courts

AVERAGING more than eight wins a day since the campaign began, Australasia's leading ladies are on target to break their record.

Reinswomen acoss the southern hemisphere have been wearing specially-designed driving pants since February 1 as part of the Teal Pants Campaign.

The ‘super squad’ is raising valuable funds and crucial awareness for the ANZGOG – Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group.

Money is earned via each win between February 1 and March 10 - the day after the Australian Reinswomen Championship night in Queensland.

Each state’s governing body donates a set amount per victory, which will be matched by the state’s major wagering company.

On average a win is worth $400 for the kitty.

As of last night, Team Teal has registered an incredible 258 wins at an average of 8.32 a day.

Should they maintain the strike rate the women will reach 316 victories, which is one better than last year’s total.

“To exceed 300, which I have no doubt these remarkable reinswomen will do, and to even beat last year’s total, is just a tremendous result,” Teal Pants Campaign co-founder Duncan McPherson said.

“First and foremost is the awareness they are providing is wonderful. Team Teal is exceeded last year’s impact as the general public is becoming far more aware of contribution these women are making to improving women’s health.

“One great breakthrough is some of the reinswomen have driven their first wins while wearing the teal pants and that memory of the win will be associated with the cause and awareness of women’s health throughout their lives.”