Holla for a Hill in Movember

13 November 2018 | Paul Courts - Photo by SA BOTRA

IT’S become obvious if you want to promote something, especially a good cause, holler for a Hill.

During the past two years Dani Hill has led the way as a member of the Teal Team, which raises valuable funds throughout Australasia for the Women’s Cancer Foundation to help with research around Ovarian Cancer.

Wearing the special teal driving pants, Hill has averaged five wins a week during the two six-week campaigns.

Following yesterday’s Globe Derby program, it’s clear Hill’s brother, Wayne, is also a prominent ‘billboard’.

Along with growing a moustache, Wayne has been supporting Movember by sporting the specially-designed Prostate Foundation silks.

Movember is a period were men are encouraged to have their prostate checked.

Claiming almost 10 blokes a day, prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Aussie fellas – a true silent killer!

Prostate cancer develops when abnormal cells in the prostate gland grow quicker than in a normal prostate, forming a malignant tumour and is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australia.

As for Wayne’s effort to raise awareness and funds, he has registered three wins in the past two meetings, including a double yesterday.

Wayne combined with the Michael Dennis-trained Nykea Courage and Addrichone, which is prepared by Errol Johnson.

“I’m just happy to do my bit for such a great cause,” Wayne said. “If we can continue to raise awareness and a few dollars to help out, then that’s a great thing.

“Unfortunately most blokes live by the “she’ll be right” attitude and ignore the dangers associated with the condition.

“Sadly, fear and lack of education results in more than 3000 Aussies losing their lives from prostate cancer each year.

“So as the slogan goes, ‘Man Up’ and be tested”.