QLD - Race Colours

15 October 2018 | RQ Media

From 1 December Racing Queensland will be implementing guidelines for the race colours worn in a race by stables with multiple runners.  The guidelines have been developed following a recommendation from the Harness Racing Advisory Panel for runners from the same stable to wear significantly different colours to improve broadcasting vision (i.e viewers can more easily recognise their runner/s), in a similar vein to other sporting codes implementing ‘alternative team strips’ to avoid a clash.

The following are the guidelines;

At driver declaration time RQ staff will ensure stablemate silks are significantly different.   Where RQ deems an alternate set to that proposed by the trainer is required, trainers will have the following alternatives to choose from;

  • Alternate set of trainer’s silks deemed suitable
  • Owners Colours
  • Drivers Colours
  • Club Colours (assigned by RQ)*

RQ has previously consulted several stables who will be impacted by this change, however any trainer unsure as to the impact of the change on them are encouraged to contact the Racing team for clarification.