Queensland 2018 Summer Carnival Program Changes

05 October 2018

Following consultation with the Albion Park Harness Racing Club the composition of the 2018 Queensland Summer Carnival has been compressed to three weeks.

The enhanced three week Carnival begins Saturday December 1 with the Group 3 Be Good Johnny Sprint and APHRC Members Cup continuing the following Saturday December 8 featuring the Christmas Cup and Forever Gold Mares Open and culminating with two Group Two features on December 15 with the Queensland Cup and Darrell Alexander Memorial Trotting Final.

The above features will be supported by some mini features along with the normal Saturday Metropolitan races which should provide a strong card of racing for each night of the Summer Carnival.

Note due to the compression of the Carnival the Lord Mayors Cup will no longer be held and stakemoney from this race has been reallocated to enhance other races across the Carnival.

The flagship race of the Summer Carnival the Queensland Cup will carry the race condition "Unless otherwise approved by HRV a horse that nominates for the Inter Dominion and is ranked inside the top 50 (at any stage during the acceptance period) will only be eligible if balloted." 

Please refer below for the program details for each of the three nights of the Albion Park Summer Carnival.

Night 1 1/12/2018        
APHRC MEMBERS CUP 2138M $20,660      
RISING STARS CHAMPIONSHIP - C1 1660M $15,660 (No Heats)  
Support Card          
BAND 4 / PACE 2 PACE 1660M $11,660      
BAND 5 PACE 2138M $11,660      
QUALIFYING PACE 1660M $11,660      
MARES OPEN PACE 1660M $11,660      
CLAIMING PACE ($8,000 TO $15,000) 2138M $8,160      
T0/T4 HANDICAP 2647M $8,270      
Night 2 8/12/2018        
CHRISTMAS CUP 2680M $20,660      
FOREVER GOLD MARES OPEN 1660M $20,660      
T0/T3 MOBILE TROT 2138M $15,660      
Support Card          
BAND 4 / PACE 2 PACE 2138M $11,660      
BAND 5 PACE 1660M $11,660      
QUALIFYING PACE 2138M $11,660      
CONDITIONED Q0 1660M $8,160      
MARES QUALIFYING PACE 1660M $11,660      
ASPIRATIONAL PACE 2138M $8,160      
Night 3 15/12/2018        
QUEENSLAND CUP 2138M $50,660 GROUP 2    
DJA MEMORIAL TROT FINAL 2647M $40,630 GROUP 2 (Hts 30/11 & 7/12)
C2/C5 FEATURE 1660M $20,660      
KING OF THE CLAIMERS FINAL (7K-10K) 2138M $14,999 (Hts 7/12)  
Support Card          
BAND 4 / PACE 2 PACE (PBD/SEX) 2138M $11,660      
BAND 5 PACE (PBD/SEX) 2138M $11,660      
QUALIFYING PACE 1660M $11,660      
MARES QUALIFYING PACE 1660M $11,660