HRA Members Approve Amendments to Australian Handicapping Rules

15 May 2018

HRA Members have today approved the following amendments to the Australian Handicapping Rules (“Handicapping Rules”):

•             Definition 2.12 – Graduation Race; and

•             Definition 2.22 – Stakemoney

Definition 2.12 – Graduation Race

The stakemoney threshold for a Graduation Race will increase from “not exceeding $3,500” to “not exceeding $4,500”.

The Australian Handicapping Rules, Definition 2.12 will now read:

2.12       Graduation Race

              A race with stakemoney greater than $2,000 but not exceeding $4,500.

Definition 2.22 – Stakemoney

The purpose of this amendment is to both clarify and provide certainty as to the treatment of various bonuses and if they are to be included, or excluded, as a part of Stakemoney.

The Australian Handicapping Rules, Definition 2.22 will now read:

2.22       The total Prizemoney specified in the published conditions of a race excluding GST when applicable which:

  • includes float rebates time incentives and unconditional bonuses (including cash and the retail value of vouchers, credit, goods and or services);  and
  • excludes trophies and conditional bonuses (including breeding scheme and Industry Association or Club Membership bonuses where a fee is applicable to be eligible for that bonus).

State Controlling Bodies (SCB’s) will each determine dates of effect for their individual jurisdictions, but it is not expected to be a particularly lengthy implementation period.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Kelly on 03 9227 3000