HRA Industry Notice - Avenger Sulky Approved

02 May 2018

At the recent HRA Gear and Equipment Committee meeting, the Avenger Sulky was approved for use in racing events conducted in Australia - effective 2 May 2018.

In accord with the HRA Sulky Standard and approval process, the sulky has been tested for strength, durability and performance.  The testing was performed by Human Impact Engineering, while Stewards from Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) oversaw the sulky performance under trial conditions.

The sulky conforms to all of the requirements of the HRA Sulky Approval Policy and meets the HRA Standards. 

Contact details for enquiries:

Downunder Sulky Company
Mr Steven Loftus
0428 765 274

HRA takes the process of testing of new products very seriously as it impacts on the health and safety of all participants as well as the welfare of the racing horses.

HRA will continue to work with all manufacturers and distributors of gear and equipment to ensure that all new products meet the standards as set out by the industry.

For any comment or for additional details please contact Harness Racing Australia on (03) 9227 3000.