TAS - Christian Salter

04 April 2018 | ORI Stewards




For immediate release

04 April 2018


Stewards Panel- A Crowther, M Hoyle.

Stewards inquired into the circumstances of licensed harness trainer/driver Christian Salter’s failure to provide a sample during a stable inspection at his registered training stables on 7 March 2018.

Evidence was taken from Mr Salter and ORI Stewards Damian Cooper and Roger Brown who conducted the stable inspection. Subsequently, Mr Salter pleaded guilty to a charge pursuant to AHRR 250(1)(b) which reads “A driver commits an offence if he refuses or fails to deliver a sample as directed by the Stewards.”

The particulars of the charge were that Mr Salter failed to provide a sample when directed to do so by Stewards when he was carrying out licensed activities, including driving track work at his registered training stables.

After hearing submissions on penalty Mr Salter’s licence to drive in both races and trials was suspended for a period of five months, backdated to commence on 8 March 2018, on which date he was stood down from driving.

In determining penalty Stewards were mindful of the following;

1 .Mr Salter’s licence history and offence record for related rules.

2. The importance of drug testing to ensure that participants compete drug free, to ensure the welfare of all participants and horses.

3. Penalty precedents in this and other racing jurisdictions.

Mr Salter was also advised that he remains stood down from driving track work pursuant to AHRR 250(4), which is absolute in nature and requires that he must deliver a sample which tests free of any banned substance before being cleared to drive. 

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Adrian Crowther

Chairman of Stewards (Harness)

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