QLD - Re-Introduction of M0 Races

22 February 2018

Effective April 2018 Racing Queensland have re-introduced Metropolitan racing in the form of one $20,540 M0 race per month into the programs.

The race open to all M0 pacers with no restrictive conditions will offer the opportunity for owners and trainers to win a genuine M0 race without having to travel interstate to achieve their maiden Metropolitan or “M” class win.

The programming of M0 races will not affect the programming of the current local Band class races and will provide another option to higher Band assessed horses that are still an M0.

The first M0 race is scheduled for April 21, race code APM21041812.

If successful and if budget allows an increased number of Metropolitan races may be rolled out in the future.

For queries please contact the Racing Queensland Harness Racing Office on (07) 3869 9774.