Sale fit for a Queen

13 February 2018 | Gary Crocker, Chairman, Allwood Stud Farm 2018 SA Yearling Sale Committee

In a sale full of blue blooded yearlings, it was fitting that Australia’s Queen of Preparers, Annie Dalton graced the Adelaide Sale ring with her presence.

SA BOTRA (who did an amazing job on the weekend) had a prize for the best dressed handler and Annie won by the length of the straight.  In fact she gave the much younger handlers a real lesson. The Dalton horses were presented as good as a yearling could look and many South Australians commented on them and how the yearlings remained so calm and relaxed on a busy day. This is a real credit to the couple that had made the long  trip from the breeding heartland in Victoria, Shepparton, a region HRV should be very proud of.

Annie and Clive’s  lot 15 a filly by Pet Rock sold on behalf of H S Delmenico for $13,000

They also sold

Lot 24 a Colt by Courage Under Fire sold on behalf of Farquharson Pty Ltd for $25,000


Lot 29 a smashing looking Filly by Follow The Stars also on behalf of Farquharson Pty Ltd for $12,000

For those people looking to be a part of something really special, please contact the prepares below about the details on the 6 remaining passed in lots still available to purchase

Lot 2. Lane Johnson 08 8284 7904
Lot 3. Courtney Slater 0428 355 580
Lot 19. Mandy Pascoe 0438 830 247
Lot 22. Ben Settree 0438 683 280
Lot 26. Ben Settree 0438 683 280
Lot 30. Mandy Pascoe 0438 830 247

I couldn’t put up another article about this wonderful event  without mentioning big Ray Lemon, Lois Randall  and Lance Holberton for their  commitment to this sale - truly outstanding is the best description of their contribution.