2018 Australian Female Drivers Championship - Competitors Announced

07 February 2018

Harness Racing Australia (HRA) along with Tasracing are pleased to announce the state representatives for the inaugural Australian Female Drivers Championship, which will be held in Launceston on March 11.

Proudly supported by Tabcorp, the Australian Female Drivers Championship (AFDC) will serve as the final night of the Team Teal 2018 campaign, where the sport raises valuable funds and crucial awareness for ovarian cancer research.

The series will see the twelve female drivers all wearing teal pants as they vie for the title of Champion at the picturesque 1000m circuit.

HRA Chairman, Michael Taranto highlighted the calibre of the female drivers competing in the AFDC, and the important role it plays in spreading the Team Teal message, ‘‘The ladies who have assembled to support the inaugural Australian Female Drivers Championship is world class and speaks volumes of the influence of women in our sport. I’m really looking forward to the AFDC and putting an exclamation mark on the amazing 2018 Team Teal campaign which has been running nationally since 1 February’’.

Tasracing CEO, Vaughn Lynch is looking forward to welcoming the sports leading ladies into Tasmania – “Tasracing, along with The Launceston Pacing Club are proud to be able to hold the first ever AFDC and hope that the event can quickly grow into a permanent fixture on the harness racing calendar as the traditional final night for Team Teal.’’

“Harness racing is fortunate to have so many outstandingly talented females and to bring such great names together for an initiative like this is tremendously exciting. Tabcorp is proud to be supporting it,” Tabcorp Head of Media Communications and Talent Adam Hamilton said.


The full list of drivers competing is as follows:


Victoria – Kate Gath

Total Career Drives: 5,788

Total Career Wins: 1,245

Total Career Placings: 1,612

Career Stakemoney: $9,869,471


Victoria – Kerryn Manning

Total Career Drives: 15,660

Total Career Wins: 3,737

Total Career Placings: 4,355

Career Stakemoney: $25,790,818


Western Australia – Jocelyn Young

Total Career Drives: 1,193

Total Career Wins: 114

Total Career Placings: 231

Career Stakemoney: $870,951


Western Australia – Deni Roberts

Total Career Drives: 862

Total Career Wins: 64

Total Career Placings: 180

Career Stakemoney: $497,092


South Australia – Lisa Ryan

Total Career Drives: 1,513

Total Career Wins: 133

Total Career Placings: 413

Career Stakemoney: $555,924


South Australia – Danielle Hill

Total Career Drives: 7,180

Total Career Wins: 1,351

Total Career Placings: 1,932

Career Stakemoney: $4,299,155


Tasmania – Natalee Emery

Total Career Drives: 2,667

Total Career Wins: 358

Total Career Placings: 573

Career Stakemoney: $2,254,996


Tasmania – Kristy Grant

Total Career Drives: 382

Total Career Wins: 27

Total Career Placings: 100

Career Stakemoney: $199,754


Queensland – Narissa McMullen

Total Career Drives: 5,497

Total Career Wins: 631

Total Career Placings: 1,220

Career Stakemoney: $3,350,096


Queensland – Dani-elle McMullen

Total Career Drives: 1,851

Total Career Wins: 206

Total Career Placings: 433

Career Stakemoney: $1,201,387


New South Wales – Amanda Turnbull

Total Career Drives: 6,726

Total Career Wins: 1,619

Total Career Placings: 2,002

Career Stakemoney: $10,944,548


New South Wales – Ellen Rixon

Total Career Drives: 882

Total Career Wins: 98

Total Career Placings: 196

Career Stakemoney: $671,158