Team Teal 2018 - Starts Tomorrow

31 January 2018

REINSWOMEN throughout Australasia plan to turn the various winners’ circles teal of as tomorrow.

Thanks to the tremendous work of so many dedicated people, this year’s Teal Pants Campaign promises to eclipse last season’s record result.

The Teal Pants Team originated in Victoria as the brainchild of Michael Taranto and Duncan McPherson in honour of McPherson’s wife, Lyn, who lost her battle to ovarian cancer in 2010.

Growing in stature each year, the Teal Pants ‘drive’ went national last season with the help of Harness Racing Australia.

This year their Kiwi counterparts will join the Aussies as part of Teal Pants Team as the sport’s leading ladies raise valuable funds and crucial awareness for ANZGOG – Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group.

Money is raised via each win commencing February 1 and culminates on March 11, which doubles as Australian Female Drivers Championship night in Launceston, Tasmania.

Last season, reinswomen in teal won an incredible 290 races while raising more than $120,000.

South Australia’s Dani Hill notched an amazing 32 wins to not only lead the local crew, but the national table as well.

From just 14 race meetings, Hill made her way into the winners’ circle during 12 of the programs.

Each state’s governing body will donate a set amount per victory, which will be matched by the state’s major wagering company.

On average a win is worth $400 for the kitty.

“It was fantastic to have all the reinswomen jumping on board with the help of administrators, making my wife’s wish is continuing to come true,” McPherson said.

“To have each state embracing the Teal Pants concept was amazing, and now with New Zealand on board, it’s beyond description.

“It goes further than just raising money, which is needed to research and care, it lifts the awareness of ovarian cancer as well.”

-        PAUL COURTS