TAS - Log Book

14 November 2017 | ORI


Office of Racing Integrity wishes to remind all licenced trainers that under their respective Rules they are required to maintain a Log Book (Treatment Book) and record the required information into these.

These Log Books must be housed within the registered property and made available to ORI Staff upon request within a reasonable time frame.

ORI will be ensuring compliance with the relevant Rules and any trainer that fails to adhere to their specific requirements may be issued with a penalty.

If you require any further information please contact the office.

The relevant Rules are listed below:

Harness Rule 190B

190B.  (1)  A trainer shall at all times keep and maintain a log book:-

(a)  listing all therapeutic substances in his or her possession;

(b)  recording all details of treatment administered to any horse in his or her care and including as a minimum requirement:

(i)         the name of the horse

(ii)        the date of administration of the treatment

(iii)       the name of the treatment (brand name of active constituent)

(iv)       the route of administration

(v)        the amount given

(vi)       the name and signature of the person or persons administering and/or authorising treatment.

(2)   For the purposes of this rule treatment includes:

(i)         all Controlled Drugs (Schedule 8) administered by a veterinarian

(ii)        all Prescription Animal Remedies (Schedule 4)

(iii)       all Prescription Only Medicines (Schedule 4) prescribed and/or dispensed by a veterinarian for off label use

(iv)       all injectable veterinary medicines (intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intra-articular) not already included above

(v)        all Pharmacist only (Schedule 3) and Pharmacy Only (Schedule 2) medicines

(vi)       all veterinary and other medicines containing other scheduled and unscheduled prohibited substances

(vii)      all alkalinising agents

(viii)      all herbal preparations.

(ix)       shockwave therapy

(x)        acupuncture (including laser treatment)

(xi)       chiropractic treatment

(xii)      the use of any electrical stimulation device (including  transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS))

(xiii)     magnetic field therapy

(xiv)    ultrasound

(xv)     any form of oxygen therapy including hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

(3)  Details of the treatment administered to any horse must be entered into the log book on the day of the administration.

(4)  A trainer shall upon request produce such log book or register for inspection by the Stewards.

(5)  A trainer shall retain possession of a log book for a period of two years.

(6)  A trainer who fails to comply with the provisions of sub-rule (1), (3), (4) or (5) is guilty of an offence.