QLD - Available Female Drivers for the Female Drivers Night at Albion Park

14 November 2017

At Albion Park on Saturday night the six race female drivers series features the following drivers:-

- Kerryn Manning

- Kate Gath

- Dani Hill

- Amanda Turnbull

- Lauren Jones

- Trista Dixon

- Chantal Turpin

- Kelli Dawson

- Narissa McMullen

- Danni-elle McMullen

- Brittany Graham

- Lola Weidemann

- Madi Dux (Standby driver)

For the other standard races on the female drivers race night in addition to the above drivers the following A-Grade female drivers may be available to be selected by trainers to drive (Queensland drivers listed only):

- Kylie Aldons

- Lisa Bahr

- Barbara Barry

- Nikki Chalk

- Kay Crone

- Madi Dux

- Sharon Furey

- Lyn Graham

- Casey Owen

- Kylie Rasmussen

- Isobel Ross

- Sonia Storie

- Debbie Summerhayes

- Julie Weidemann

- Stacey Weidemann

- Anna Woodmansey

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