HRA Industry Notice - Advantage STA Sulky - Footrests

14 July 2017
Advantage STA Sulky

Advantage STA Sulky

Harness Racing Australia (HRA) has recently investigated concerns raised by a number of Stewards regarding the footrests of the Advantage STA sulky.

To be clear, these concerns were restricted to the loop styled footrests as pictured, not the sulky itself.

HRA’s discussions with the manufacturer, local agents and independent testing laboratory (Human Impact Engineering) has determined that because brackets already exist for new/updated footrest to be attached easily, the loop styled footrests can be easily replaced with a peg, or similar footrest – avoiding the need for any sort of ban or recall to be implemented.

As such, trainers and drivers are requested to replace the loop styled footrests with new/updated footrests by 1 August 2017.  Sulkies with looped footrests on or after this date will not be permitted to be used in races.

For the sake of clarity, HRA is also advising that there is no requirement to re-test the sulkies as a modified unit.

For further information, please contact HRA on 03 9227 3000.

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