HRA Handicapping Review

09 February 2017

Following a number of concerns raised by Members and subsequent analysis, Harness Racing Australia (HRA) has been tasked with the project of a reviewing the current ‘Class Based Handicapping System’ and its alternatives.

The commonly agreed programming philosophies – and measures of success of a handicapping system - are to provide:

  • Competitive Racing;
  • Attractive wagering propositions;
  • Racing opportunities for – all ages, classes, abilities and gaits;
  • Full, balanced fields;
  • Prizemoney returns/spread for as many owners as possible; and
  • Encourage racetrack longevity.

In these meetings with Members, it was, in principle, agreed that the current ‘Class Based Handicapping System’ is not achieving the desired measures of success.

Further, it was agreed that HRA develop a ‘Ratings Based Handicapping System’ (‘RBHS’) for the consideration of Members with some urgency.

Accordingly, HRA invites interested parties to submit a ‘Ratings Based Handicapping System’ proposal, addressing at least the following criteria:

  • Method and system of rating horses;

  • The effect of the RBHS on ‘concessions’ – i.e. junior drivers, fillies and mares;

  • The effect of the RBHS on trotters; and

  • Impact and consequence of a RBHS between different states and international competitors.

Proposals must be addressed to:

Mr Cameron Brown
Harness Racing Australia
Level 1, 400 Epsom Road
Flemington VIC 3031

Alternatively by email to:

The deadline for proposals is the close of business on 16 March 2017.

It is intended that once proposals are received, the various options be collated and road-tested, with a view to running a parallel system against the current system for a trial period – with industry engagement throughout.

For more information feel free to contact Cameron Brown on 03 9227 3000.


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