HRA Industry Notice

29 September 2010
Harness Racing Australia (HRA) reminds participants that Rule 156(2) of the Australian Harness Racing Rules will be amended, effective 1 October 2010, to read:
A driver shall hold a rein in each hand at all times unless he or she is adjusting approved gear or driving in the final 200 metres of a race.”
It is stressed this rule amendment is a change to the carriage of the reins only. There is no change to any other section of Rule 156 including the way in which the whip is used, the definitions of excessive whip use or the type of whip used.
For more information on Rule 156 click here.
To view a video explaining the rule amendment, please click here.
To view the original video explaining whip rules introduced on 1 January 2010, please click here.
For the sake of clarity, it should also be noted that Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) is not adopting the amendment to Rule 156(2) and will invoke a local rule at the same time which maintains the status quo.
For further information contact:   Andrew Kelly 03 9227 3000.