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The Inter Dominion Championship is one of the world's great harness racing series. Currently organised by the Inter Dominion Events Committee, with representatives from both Australia and New Zealand, it is the premier harness racing event for those countries.

First established in 1935-36, the Championship’s basic protocol of three Heats and a Final remained unchanged until 2008 when a bold initiative varied the Series format to link the Australasian Grand Circuit and the Championship Series. The new format did not gain popularity, and after other variations in 2009-11, the original format returned in 2012. 

For 2013-15, an approach involving seven heats held concurrently on major tracks in Australia and New Zealand was adopted to revitalise the series, and the Trotting Championship was discontinued.

The Inter Dominion Championships were historically held on a yearly roster covering Australian States and New Zealand, but for 2013-15 the Pacers Championship was awarded to New South Wales, followed by Western Australia (2015-2017) where the original three heats and a final format has been revived.

2018 Inter Dominion



Qual. Heats:  

Sat 1 December 2018
Tabcorp Park, Melton
     Tues 4 December 2018

Sat 8 December 2018
Grand Final: Sat 15 December 2018
     Tabcorp Park, Melton

2018 Inter Dominion

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