New Zealand Group Racing Dates
2008/2009 Season
Note:  All Prizemonies quoted are $NZ
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2008/2009 Results by Horse Name


A Handicap, Free For All, Discretionary Race or Classic Race staged at a metropolitan track, being a race of national importance which has consistently attracted the best eligible horses from all parts of New Zealand.

Race Name Prizemoney Venue Date Winner
Grand Circuit Races
New Zealand Cup $1,200,000 Addington 11/11/08 CHANGEOVER
New Zealand Free For All $300,000 Addington 14/11/08 AUCKLAND REACTOR
Auckland Cup $600,000 Alexandra Park 06/03/09 AUCKLAND REACTOR
Major Races
Queen Of Hearts $100,000 Alexandra Park 19/12/08 NEAREA FRANCO
NZ Breeders Stakes $100,000 Addington 13/02/09 KIWI INGENUITY
NZ Easter Cup $100,000 Addington 11/04/09 MONKEY KING
Four Year Old
Taylor Mile $100,000 Alexandra Park 24/04/09 AUCKLAND REACTOR
NZ Messenger Championship $200,000 Alexandra Park 01/05/09 AUCKLAND REACTOR
Harness Jewels 4YO Emerald $200,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 AUCKLAND REACTOR
Harness Jewels 4YO Diamond $200,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 KIWI INGENUITY
Three Year Old
NZ Sires Stakes C&G Final $184,000 Addington 11/11/08 STUNIN CULLEN
NZ Sires Stakes Fillies Final $150,000 Alexandra Park 31/12/08 JOYFULJOY
Great Northern Oaks $200,000 Alexandra Park 27/02/09 LAURAELLA
Northern Derby $600,000 Alexandra Park 06/03/09 STUNIN CULLEN
New Zealand Derby $300,000 Addington 03/04/09 SLEEPY TRIPP
Nevele R Fillies Final $146,500 Addington 09/05/09 LAURAELLA
New Zealand Oaks $150,000 Addington 15/05/09 LAURAELLA
Harness Jewels 3YO Emerald $200,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 TINTIN IN AMERICA
Harness Jewels 3YO Diamond $200,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 JOYFULJOY
Two Year Old
Nevele R/Caduceus Club Fillies Classic $120,000 Alexandra Park 03/04/09 FLYING POCKETLANDS
Welcome Stakes $100,000 Addington 11/04/09 KOTARE MACH
NZ Sires Stakes Fillies Championship  $156,400 Alexandra Park 01/05/09 YANKEE DREAM
NZ Sires Stakes Final $184,000 Addington 15/05/09 SMILING SHARD
Harness Jewels 2YO Emerald $200,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 SMILING SHARD
Harness Jewels 2YO Diamond $200,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 GOTTA GO HARMONY
Grand Circuit Races
New Zealand Trotting Free For All $100,000 Addington 14/11/08 STIG
Dominion Handicap $300,000 Addington 21/11/08 STIG
New Zealand National Trot $100,000 Alexandra Park 31/12/08 ONE OVER KENNY
New Zealand Trotting Championship $100,000 Addington 03/04/09 ONE OVER KENNY
J Rowe Memorial Cup $300,000 Alexandra Park 01/05/09 ONE OVER KENNY
Four Year Old
Harness Jewels 4YO Ruby $100,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 LEIGHTON HEST
Three Year Old
NZ Trotting Derby $100,000 Addington 27/03/09 IMA GOLD DIGGER
Northern Trotting Derby $100,000 Alexandra Park 01/05/09 IMA GOLD DIGGER
Harness Jewels 3YO Ruby $100,000 Ashburton 30/05/09 POCARO

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