Australian Harness Racing Awards - All Time
Joseph Coulter Media Awards
Library of Recent Photograph

Season Best Published Action or Still Best Published Folio of Photographs
2017/2018  Winner Stuart McCormick    
2016/2017 Winner Jenny Pollard    
  Highly Commended Ashlea Brennan    
  Highly Commended Jodie Hallows    
2015/2016 Winner Jodie Hallows    
2014/2015 Winner Jodie Hallows    
  Highly Commended Amanda Rando    
2013/2014 Winner Amando Rando    
  Highly Commended Cindy Hurley    
2012/2013 Winner Gary Wild    
   Special Commendation Stuart McCormick    
2011/2012 Winner Gary Wild    
2010/2011 Winner Gary Wild    
2010/2011 Highly Commended Stuart McCormick    
2009/2010 Winner Peter Staples    
2008/2009 Winner Emily Wild    
2007/2008 Winner Gary Wild    
2006/2007 Winner Andreas Bommert    
2005/2006 Winner Gary Wild Award discontinued  
  Commended Nicole Garmston  "  
  Commended Ray Titus  "  
2004/2005 Winner Peter Stoop Winner Gary Wild
  Highly Commended Ray Sizer Commended Ray Titus
  Highly Commended Julie Mercer    
  Highly Commended Gary Wild    
2003/2004 Winner Nicole Garmston Winner Nicole Garmston
  Commended Nicole Garmston Commended Gary Wild
  Commended Gary Wild    
2002/2003 Winner Ray Titus no award given  
  Commended William Crabb Commended William Crabb
2001/2002 Winner Karleen Williams Winner Craig Hughes
  Highly Commended Craig Hughes Commended William Crabb
  Commended Craig Hughes  --  --
2000/2001 Winner Craig Hughes no award given  
      Commended William Crabb (photos n/a)
         Commended Craig Hughes (photos n/a)

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For Awards information pre-2001 refer to the Australian Harness Racing Annual

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