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Excerpt from HRA Press Release:  2nd October 2008

Winona Chronicles

Winner, 200
8 Winona Award for Broodmare of the Year

Ark Maree, based at Burwood Stud in Queensland but owned in the ACT,  is the 2008 Australian Broodmare of the Year.

Ark Maree (F1988) by Torado Hanover USA from Arklaine, was a clear winner in the voting by the Breeders Associations and the harness racing controlling bodies in each state. 

Three of Ark Maree’s progeny won 25 races during the season, as detailed below.

ARK DE VILLE P.2:01.9MS 9 wins 5 placings $42,882

ARKAMIGO P.1:57.3MS 10 wins 10 placings $96,544
  • 2008 Qbred 4YO H&G Triad $75,000 - G2 (GW Dixon) Albion Park, Qld
  • 2008 Qbred 4YO H&G Feature $30,000 - G3 (GW Dixon) Gold Coast, Qld
ATOMIC ARK P.1:56.1MS 6 wins 8 placings $120,890
  • 2008 Qld Winter Cup $75,000 - G1 (GW Dixon) Albion Park, Qld

Congratulations to the owner, Maureen Ryman and everyone associated with Ark Maree. 

Geoff Want

* Note:  Performances quoted are for the 2007/2008 season (3/9/2007 - 31/8/2008 - Australian races only

(S4880341) 3,2:06.5MS; 1:58.7MS
brm 1988, by Torado Hanover USA 2:01.6MS from Arklaine 2:07.1 by Holly Sand USA 2:00.2MS from Arkriki 2:11.7 by Pipiriki 2:08.6.
Breeder: B E Usher, Qld.

1995 brf ARK DANIELLE (S3950364) 2:01.7MS $22,507 by Golden Greek USA, C R Ryman, Vic
1996 bf JOAN OF ARK (S3962382) 3,2:03.5MS; 1:59.1MS $22,149 by Stoneridge Scooter USA
1998 bc ARKARL (S3981832) 1:59.0MS $9,281 by Armbro Operative USA
2000 brf ARKAREENA (S2001365) 2,2:01.3MS; 3,1:56.5MS $130,305 by Village Jasper USA, C R Ryman, NSW
2001 (Missed) by Armbro Operative USA
13.10.02 bbrg ATOMIC ARK (S4020135) 2,1:59.1MS; 3,1:56.9MS; 1:56.1MS $291,445 by Albert Albert USA
22.10.03 bbrg ARKAMIGO (S4030114) 2,1:57.1MS; 3,1:57.4MS $264,322 by Armbro Operative USA
15.10.04 brf ARK DE VILLE (S4040081) 2,2:00.1MS; 3,2:01.9MS $63,517 by Village Jasper USA
1.10.05 bbrf ARK MONROE (S4050216) by Presidential Ball USA, M R Ryman, NSW
2006 (Missed) by Village Jasper USA
2007 (Foal Died) by McArdle USA



Performances for progeny in table above are lifetime statistics as at 31/08/2008
Source: Harness Racing Australia Inc
  Australian Trotting Stud Book Record
31st August 2008
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For Awards information pre-2001 refer to the Australian Harness Racing Annual

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