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GST and the Harness Racing Industry

The Australian Tax Office has published a new information guide to help people in the racing industry understand their Goods and Services Tax (GST) obligations.

The guide, GST for the Racing Industry, is targeted at breeders, trainers, owners, drivers, jockeys and purchasers of racing animals for all three racing codes - thoroughbred, harness and greyhound.

In addition to providing general GST information for the racing community, the guide contains various examples of GST issues that are relevant to specific members of the racing industry.  Topics covered include:

Getting Started Common Issues for Specific Members of the Racing Industry:-
Acounting for GST    . Owners and Lessees
PAYG Issues    . Trainers, Jockeys and Drivers
Reporting and Paying GST to the ATO    . Breeders
E-Record    . Non-residents of Australia

The Tax Office produced the guide after working closely with the representatives of the national and state racing organisations.   It replaces all GST-related information previously available from this website.

GST for the Racing Industry is available from the Tax office website (click on this link)  or by calling 13 28 66 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

Also refer to the ATO letter - Review of Risks in the Harness Racing Industry (June 2006) for information.

Andrew Kelly
Chief Executive
Harness Racing Australia Inc



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