Australian Breeding Rules & Regulations

Harness Racing Council Inc

The Australian Harness Racing Rules were compiled over time as a result of Harness Racing Australia's development policy following industry consultation.  

A summary of relevant areas of the Rules relating to breeding is provided to assist owners and breeders in their industry activities.   For further enquiries regarding breeding in relation to:

*  Stud Book
*  HRA On-Line
*  Naming of Standardbreds
*  Harness Racing Rules and Regulations

please contact HRA.

Australian Harness Racing Rules - Breeding
Part Subject Rules Nos.
  Dictionary definition of breeding and other terms
3 Meetings and Races 21-89
4 Licences 90-91
5 Horses 92-122
18 Studs and Sires 274-280
19 Artificial Breeding 281-290

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