Reading books and stories for sale
Reading books and stories for sale
March 13, 2018 2:35 PM (First posted 13/02/2018)
John Armstrong <> *
(USA) Horse Review Harness Racing Guide and Breeders directory Years 1915,16,17,18 still in good condition.
The Hambletonian story 1926-1975
Nevelle Pride 1972 trotter
Harness Racing by George Sullivan 1964
Care and training for the trotter and pacer 1968
A century of speed the red mile 1875-1975
Harness horse racing in usa 195
super bird the story of albatross 1975
single G the horse that time forgot 1968
Hanover stud 1976
big bum Brett Hanover 1978 (sold)
Please make reasonable offer

if posting is required $20 extra will be needed for posting