Dolly Vardon Blinds or Blinkers
Dolly Vardon Blinds or Blinkers
March 08, 2019 9:37 AM (First posted 23/11/2011)
Tony Kavalieros <> *
We have developed a new range of Dolly Vardon Blinds or Blinkers for use in the Trotting Industry.
These are completely synthetic - made from our Australian made PVC webbing and lightweight plastic blinds.
We can supply them to fit a closed trotting bridle with billet straps or to fit an open style bridle - both are complete with noseband.
These are also available in a range of colours to match your gear.
Both styles are $50.40 plus $11.00 postage from our factory in Newcastle.
We can be contacted on 02 4954 5979 or by email. Photos of our products can be viewed on our website